Abandon Ship

A scruffy looking chrome kettle.


I was told the kettle leaks, and that made it all of course, together with the fact that it do look a bit like the turret of a submarine, or another archaic steam vessel. To make it sink I just cut its base off at an angle, producing a very simple illusion. But to add drama I also had to insert a protagonist in the piece. I felt it more powerful if the main character was rendered in his natural scale, which meant it had to be a small critter, with a bit of humour but also sympathy.

He shouldn't have to worry about sinking of course.

Object no. 37

1 thought on “Abandon Ship

  1. Nevin Robinson

    What a wonderful concept – to turn a piece of rubbish into a piece of art. So instead of this Asda ex-kettle languishing in the shed, waiting patiently to be taken to the dump, it now has pride of place in our living room on my Monitor Audio speaker (right)! Thank you Tobias for providing this wonderful talking point.


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